When performing tour, security guard brings along an RFID reader and scans the location tags at pre-determined checkpoints. Upon scanning, the checkpoint information together with tour date time is recorded into the reader.

If there is event or incident to report (for example, broken window, lights left on, etc), the corresponding event number is entered into the reader by scanning special RFID tags in an event wallet. Common events are pre-defined in the guard log system and additional custom events can be added.

After the tour, information stored in the reader (holds 28,675 transactions) can the easily downloaded to the computer via communication cable.

The tour records then becomes available for analysis, viewing or printing through multiple types of reports, including:

Touch & Log Reports:

 Exception Reports
 Incident Reports
 Personnel Reports
Maintenance and Inspection Reports

The main advantages of using proximity over other technologies are:

  • No physical wear and tear by touching
  • No battery needed for the location tags
  • Location tags can be hidden in walls to prevents tampering


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VMS is web-based visitor management system that ease visitor
registration and at the same time, enhance security by recording detail
visit history. Unwelcome guests with bad visit records will be prompted
when signing in at the reception. The VMS also incorporates the latest
MyKAD reader to speed up visitor registration and to verify guest



Fast Sign-In
The system reduces visitor queues by employing latest generation MyKAD
reader. It will ensures fast processing and yet able to capture all vital
information, such as visitor name, IC number and photo. Typical sign-in
will only requires one minute or less. For non Malaysian, alterante sign
-in method is provided.

Enhanced Security
The system is also capable of authenticating person and determine who
they claim to be, the system logs each attempted visit and determince
potential security breach before they impact the user facilities.
Unwanted guests, ranging from disgruntles ex-employee to known felons
could be tracked in the blocked list.

Online Reports
The system is build with well established web technologies. Multiple
users on the company network could view the online reports with internet
browser at any one time.

Monitor And Track Visitor Movement
The system tracks visitor sign in and sign out time. In addition, visitng
employee and purpose are logged and could be retrieved using multiple
flexible reports and filters. "Visitor In'Primeses" report is also
provided to locate any visitor in the user facility.

Access Control
The system supports access control via multiple login levels. Only
authorized users with be allowed to modify visitor and company
information or report viewing.

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