Touch & Log Guard Log System FAQ's :

Q: What is Guard Log System?
A: The Touch & Log guard log system is a tour reporting & monitoring system incorporating robust RFID technology and easy to use software. Our system design emphasize in simplicity and user friendliness. With the multiple tour reports, it helps to ensure of tour compliance, identify problems or incidents location.

Q: How does it work?
A: Each location is allocated a "location tag" which can be attached to any wall. Every security staff is issued with a "guard tag". The tag contains a unique number and this is used by the software application for identification.

Step 1 The security staff is given with a "portable reader"; a small rechargeable battery powered hand held device. Before starting a tour, he/she must scans his/her guard tag with the portable reader. It is to identify the user identification. Confirming by a beep sound.

Step 2 He/she simply scan the location tag with it at the desired location. Confirming by a beep sound.

Step3 Scan the "Numeric Event Wallet" to record about the incident if any. Scan the key number on the numeric Event Wallet accordingly and ENT. Confirming by a beep sound.

Step4 After finishing a tour, plug in the portable reader to the downloader and press the download button which shown on the software screen. All the toured data is being uploading to a PC in a few seconds.


Q: What is the system features offering?
A: Trace tour frequency without counting the invalid patrol. The system will indentify those valid tour log ( scan records within the preset patrol time period ), invalid patrol will not be counted.

Valid patrol time period setting (e.g. 5pm ~ 9am) You can set the desire patrol time period. For example, location A is needed to be toured within a specific time frame in order to optimize the security policy.

Download log data displaying. You may check the download records by viewing our download report. This report helps you to handle the whole record scanned easily and to ensure there is no tour record has been missed.

Tour log data displaying. We provide a range of reports with different views, to fulfil your requirement on the desire result and point of view.

Comparison between expected and actual tour. With the tour report, you may have the comparison between expected and actual tour. This can become one of the tools for you on evaluation of staff performance for promotion, incidents studies and adjustments.

Incident indication for each tour record, incident summary. Touch & log system helps to reduce the risk of fire, burglary, vandalism and industrial mishaps.


Q: What are the report(s) provided by touch & log?
A: There are different types of reports can be generated including tour reports ( tour report by guard, tour report by location and tour frequency report ), maintenance report ( download report, user report and location report ) and incident reports ( incident report by location, incident report by type and audit trail report ).


Q: Why should I buy Touch & Log v2.0?
A: User friendly, simply touch & log: multi user and location configuration (Easier for security staffs whose educational level is low. Sorry to say that!)

Different types of reports can be generated and send through internet with worldwide branches (Easier for retrieving toured data immediatly and can be kept forever in PC)

Statistical analysis and studies to work effectively (Evaluation of staff performance for promotion, incidents studies and adjustments)

Motivation and self-development for security staffs that assigned tour (self-improvement because they are most valuable asset)

Helps reduce the risk of fire, burglary, vandalism and industrial mishaps. (insurance premiums are reduced due to proper tour reporting system)


Q: What is the critical factor that should be considered before buying any system?
A: After sales services. Software designed by Malaysian and upgradeable. Hardware and spare parts available at anytime.

World class standard system. Buy Malaysian goods to sustain our currency RM for national economy growth.


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Dealer or Distributor FAQ's :

Q: How do I join?
A: Simply complete our online registration form to activate your membership as an Touch & Log Dealer and press 1 for sales. Your application will be review and activated soon after review. Call our Customer Service 03-8024 4973 from 8:30a.m. -

Q: Why should I join?
A: Add Value to your solution. No matter what products or services you offer, adding avalue to your solutions will help you market them better. Adding value to your services also mean making your services more cost effective for your clients.

Earn generous referral fees. Everytime you refer a client to our product, you will get a valuable commision.

Maximize sales. By providing the tour reporting to your clients you are redusing thier financial commitment. That will not only make your solution more attractive for most business decision maker, but it will also provide you with the negotiation tools to close deals and be ahead of the competitor.

Getting Started is quick & easy. To be a partner is easy. Simply complete our short registration form and you will be able to begin offering our product to your clients immediately.

More benefits & income opportunity in the future. You'll also receive additional benefits exclusive to business partners and have the opportunity to offer touch & log products or services as they become available.

Q. What is the difference between a dealership and a distributorship?
A. Our dealerships offer the benefits of business ownership, but require less capital expense than our distributorships. Dealers receive large discounts off retail price. There are no franchise fees or monthly royalty payments. The dealers' investment in the business is significantly lower than our distributors. To get distributor pricing, however, dealers are required to purchase at least 20 sets per year in product. Distributors may request credit lines of up to RM20,000.

Q. Do you have a catalog?
A. Yes. Our catalog is generally produced once a year in October. New catalogs are sent out the following January. Throughout the year, we produce supplemental brochures, as well.

Q: Return policy/warranty on product well covers:
A: Warranted for 1 year from date of purchase against MANUFACTURER'S DEFECTS ONLY. In order to take advantage of the warranty send a short note stating the model name or number, what the problem is, and enclose a copy of the register receipt (to show Proof of Purchase date). Fax the information to 03-80249673. In return, you will receive a call to exchange arrangement for a new cover(s).


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